HomeFest II - the second international interior festival of home textiles, furniture, lighting, decorative accessories, hardware, and interior fabrics, which took place from April 2-4 in Moscow
What is HomeFest?
The HomeFest festival is a conceptual information and discussion platform that combines the efforts of suppliers of goods and specialized services in a very active, joint marketing promotion. Thanks to this event, new opportunities for interaction are opening up for market specialists, successful collaborations are emerging, and a huge exchange of professional information and content is taking place.
This project is designed to solve the most pressing problems and issues that confront the professional decoration and interior design community.
One of these goals is to draw the attention of the interior community to work with interior fabrics, interact with decorators, textile designers, once again prove that interior fabrics and products made from them are an integral part of the design project as a whole, show the willingness of fabric suppliers and related products and services, furniture manufacturers to ensure the most comfortable and convenient cooperation, to understand the needs and requirements of the interior designer or architect.
HomeFest II took on the territory of the chamber halls of the Classic Photo Gallery more than 30 companies from Russia and Europe, among which were the participants of the first festival and the companies that first decided to take part in this project. The festival was visited by more than 2000 designers, managers and owners of high profile companies, giving all participants and visitors the opportunity to communicate in a comfortable and creative atmosphere.
The theme of the festival – the 70s style analysis. The organizers of the event tried to reflect this in all key events of the 3-day festival:
- in the exposition of almost every submitted participant was a reference to the style of the 70s, sofas from the company RELOTTI, curtains and decorative pillows with SVETLANA decorative accessories and BANDEX curtain tape, photos from the collection of the Classic Photo Gallery, and of course the fabrics and the creatives of the participants themselves

- in the business part of the festival there was a series of lectures on the following topics:

- "Textiles and patterns 70-80. Story. Modern relevance " from the leading teacher of the International School of Design Irina Samokhina,

- "Simulated atelier. Orphism, Sonia Delone and Russian Constructivists " from the designer and decorator Galina Lugina,

- "Brilliant style 70-80", prepared by the art director of the festival HOMEFESTII, designer Viktor Dembovsky

- at the end of the 3rd day of the festival, a stylized party was held, also in the style of the 70s

Both the general stylistics of the design, the business program, and the atmosphere of the party - all this certainly made it possible to perceive and feel the peculiarities of this bright, energetic and extraordinary style, delicately integrated into the general outline of the event.
All 3 days of the festival, in a conference hall located on the second floor of the Gallery, applied workshops and seminars, interesting and useful in the work of designers-decorators, took place.

Technologist Evgenia Krivosheeva revealed the secrets of lifting mechanisms for curtains, a team of specialists from BANDEX conducted a series of training workshops on working with curtain ribbons, designer Varvara Zelenetskaya shared her practical experience in working with textiles in the interior, the fundamentals of the modern sketch were illustrated by practicing designer Ekaterina Zubkova, Natalya Konstantinova went through all stages the textile project, the mastermind of the "Nouveau Decor" studio, Stella Chertan, told about traditions and innovations in the production of upholstered furniture Chertan, business coach "Relotti".

The final chord of the business program included a round table on trends, design trends and their real impact on specialized media, furniture manufacturers, interior fabrics, decorative accessories, lamps, and Russian distributors. In the round table participated:

• Victor Dembovsky - Moderator, Designer, Art Director of Homefest

• Gleb Schekotov - Homefest Commercial Director, Svetlana Moscow

• Alexey Dorozhkin - Chief Editor of Elle Decoration magazine

• Anna Borges - Creator and Chief Editor of the Design Mate portal

• Elvira Smirnova - Commercial Director of Galleria Arben

• Martin Grubener - Managing Director of Bandex, a representative of DECOTEAM

• Miroslaw Sheffler - EMMI Export Director

• Julia Smirnova - Development Director, Relotti

• Andrei Moroz - CEO of Liontex

• Tatiana Vaganova - CEO of LampeGras

• Mark Kobert - Director of the Gallery of Classic Photography, a collector

• Galina Lugina - Designer

• Varvara Zelenetskaya - Designer

• Ksenia Bobrikova - Designer

Different opinions of real industry players, an interesting exchange of experience, views, approaches. This topic provoked a lively discussion and led to clear and understandable conclusions for all participants.
From the side of the organizers of the festival, the festival organized and presented:

company SVETLANA, Moscow together with the BANDEX team
prepared for almost every exhibitor a set of unique tools for working with curtain ribbons and decorative accessories, and most of the festival's textile exhibits were made using this particular curtain tape and accessories from the NEOTON collection that continues to gain popularity
company RELOTTI has developed and produced a whole range of absolutely unique sofas made from the fabrics of the festival participants:

-sofa Rimini from DesignersGuild fabrics provided by Manders

- sofa Grinvich of fabrics presented by Liontex

- sofa Palau, from fabrics presented by Textil Express

- sofa Milan, from fabrics provided by Gallery Arben

- sofa Grace, from fabrics provided by Gold Textil

- Ancona chair, from fabric English Décor

Relotti's participation in the Homefest project has made it possible to successfully implement a program aimed at a collaboration between the designer, customer, furniture manufacturer and furniture fabric manufacturer or converters, which allows you to create absolutely unique and exclusive pieces of upholstered furniture.

In preparation for Homefest, a joint project was launched with designer Viktor Dembovski, and RELOTTI began working with MANDERS, an exclusive representative of the interior fabrics collection of the Designers Guild brand.
Company EMMIEXPORT in the framework of this festival oversaw the organization of expositions of the following companies from Europe:

- Englisch Dekor (Austria) - a company specializing in the production of non-flammable (flame non-supporting) flame-retardant (FR) fabrics made of FR modified synthetic fiber, supplied to Russia both in rolls and for a cut, all products have a Russian FR certificate

- Hagemann (Germany)
- the main direction of the company is transfer printing on fabrics, various methods of digital printing, as well as new laser technologies, allowing for the most creative and extravagant projects

- Margo (Poland) - a stable and growing company-converter, the developer of the collection of interior fabrics of the same name, with more than 2,000 articles supplied to Russia from a warehouse in Poland in less than 10 days

-VADAIN (Holland - Poland)
- a company that manufactures its own collection of fabrics, delivered both in rolls and for a cut around the world, is currently developing a program for its entry into the Russian market

-ITALISSIMA home (Poland)
- a collection of fabrics, developed by a prominent representative of the fashion industry, designer and fashion designer Eva Minge, fabrics are delivered both in rolls and as cut from a warehouse in Poland, in a period of not more than 3 weeks

- GOEZE (Germany)
- a company that manufactures high-quality and environmentally friendly home textiles, a wide range, high-quality and extremely friendly service, the company is participating in the Homefest festival for the second time

-CAWO (Germany)
- manufacturer of terry towels and bathrobes, operating in the premium segment, the company has a license to manufacture its products under the brand name JOOP!

-C.BAUER (Germany) – a premium segment bedding manufacturer from satin and jacquard fabrics

-SANDER (Germany) - manufacturer of table linen, tablecloths, napkins and other home textiles

Gallery of classical photography - this time gallery director Mark Kobert gathered several conceptual zones using absolutely unique exhibits of his private collection, which especially emphasized the collective interior image of the 70s style.
The pool of Russian fashionable textile houses at the HomeFest II festival consisted of creative expositions of the companies Liontex, House Caro, Casablanca, Gold Textil, Textilexpres, Amalfi, Valencia. Bestsellers and samples of regular current collections were presented, presentations of new products were held. Within the framework of the exposition presented by Galleria Arben, worked an interactive stand, allowing you to view extremely interesting and useful professional content.

The attention of interior designers was to attract such festival participants as carpets and wall coverings from the company Ortgraf, high-tech curtain systems Mottura (Italy), designer lamps from the company Lampe Gras (France) and amazing author lampshades from the company MOON ROOM.

The Moscow cluster of decorators and textile designers, this time represented by the Nuvo Decor, MobileLineDécor and FabrinTextile companies. The main specialization of these companies is to provide the most convenient service, as well as offering a range of services and products for successful cooperation and effective collaboration with interior designers or architects.

Another partner of the HomeFest project, the DOMOTEX company (Germany), presented the product samples of a number of textile brands: SAUM & VIEBAHN (Germany), KENDIX (Netherlands), RAYMAKERS (Holland), Brink & Campman BV (Holland).

The HomeFest II festival is an event that allowed market professionals to update their working libraries with new samples and catalogs, get acquainted with the news of exhibitors, meet with colleagues and maintain their working contacts, and of course, make their useful contribution to the dialogues and discussions held during the festival.

During the preparation of the festival HOMEFESTII, a project of information support was launched, a series of issues of the "HOMEFESTtalks", in which the festival director Gleb Shchekotov vividly and directly talks with various players of the textile and interior industry, revealing the history of companies, projects, their goals, missions, tasks, attitude various professional and near professional issues. Watch all episodes on YouTube channel:
YouTube канал
The next festival, HomeFest III, will also be held in the Gallery of Classic Photography from September 17-19, 2019.


We thank for the organization, participation and assistance in conducting HomeFest II:

Director of the Gallery Mark Cobert

Joint team of companies SVETLANA & RELOTTI

Information partner of the festival, the Internet portal WILLIZ.INFO

Project kulikovfilm for the preparation of high-quality video content

All speakers who took part in the Homefest II business program

Photos from HomeFest II
Videos from HomeFest II